New home inspections – identifying snags and rectifying them

With too many constructions going on, several builders are in a hurry to hand them over to owners. Many of these hand overs is in an incomplete state and/or poor quality and builders expect owners to identify snags (issues) to be addressed. This is actually the last chance for owners to identify these issues and report, so it can be rectified before making final payment.

How is a new home owner, who may not have much knowledge in home building, supposed to identify all the snags? This is when we started offering the ‘New home inspection’ service performed by a highly-qualified Engineer. At first we approached this cookie-cutter style- we had a template with a list of common issues. We would walk through new homes with this check list to check them off. But as we inspected more and more homes, we realized that there is no common set of issues, every house has a unique set of problems because of various factors- builder, materials used, layout, etc. This led us to approach each house in a customized fashion. Go in with a blank mind (and a blank sheet of paper(s)) without any expectations and start marking down issues.

Some of the major issues we have found are Water seapage, poorly laid sunken toilets, hollow tiles, No rain water harvesting, Weak sunshades, Kitchen counter being too high, Missing skirting tiles, etc. Many of these if left unrectified will start deteriorating the building.

new home inspection report

New Home Inspection Report

You would be surprised to know that even with big name builders our issues list has run few pages long. Hopefully, builders take note of these issues and do a better job before handing over houses, but until then our Engineers will not let them off the hook.

Good luck with your new home! Get in touch with us if you want your home inspected.

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