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Affordable Investment: Plots under 10-12 lakhs/ground in booming areas, very near Chennai

Where? you ask. Sri Perumbudur and Oragadam it is.

Map of Oragadam & Sri Perumbudur

Check out Wiki for the growing list of companies in and around these two areas. With the increasing inflow of companies and plenty of new housing, plot values are rising as well. Investing in these areas is a sure bet, unless there’s another economic calamity.

There are not many plots near Chennai for that price. A quick look into 99acres and Magicbricks would give you a list of vendors selling plots in those areas. But the key is this… to buy plots at 10 to 20% lower than the asking price in those sites. Most of the vendors you see on these sites have big marketing budgets which is added to the price of the plot. Instead, the savings lie in finding owners/local brokers with clean papers. If you don’t know how to get started, start by visiting a few tea shops in those areas, talk to people, check out newspaper Ads, ask friends and family – In Chennai, pretty much everyone knows a land broker.

Where? you ask. Sri Perumbudur and Oragadam it is.