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Top 4 property management challenges in Chennai

Property management in Chennai, or India for that matter is a whole different ball game. First, the scope of PM is wider and critical than in other countries and second, the common PM functions are much more challenging.

The top 4 challenges for a property manager are

  • Preventing Property theft – The biggest challenge is property protection, we have to make sure that property is always owned by the true owner and someone doesn’t fake documents and sell it.
  • Finding problem-free tenants – Stories of tenants refusing to vacate is not that uncommon in Chennai. Finding good tenants involves a thorough background check and calls for having certain “vacatable-tenant” criterias.
  • Ensuring quality maintenance – When hiring someone for fixing repairs, you can’t just send in a contractor and hope the job will be done to satisfaction. First, you need to send a trusted handyman and on top of it, send a supervisor to monitor the quality of work. With labor shortages in Chennai, the quality of work is taking a huge hit.
  • Monitoring Land – Since many own land in India, PM services also include managing/monitoring of land to avoid encroachments, violations and other issues.

Although, the scope is wider and no shortage of challenges with common PM functions, Property management is still a rewarding job.